Books in We Happy Few have passive bonuses that stack. Every book a player collects adds a stackable buff. The buff is usually pretty low, but it's still worth finding them.  

Books can be found in both abandoned and Wellington Wells homes in bookcases, tables, shelves and on unconcious or deceased bodies. 

List of Books and Effects:

  • Bang On
Effect: Increase damage by explosive weapons by 2%.
  • Bludgeoner
Effect: All attacks cost 5% less stamina.
  • Chemist
Effect: Crafting no longer requires Rank 1 chemical stations.
  • Counterpuncher
Effect: Blocking an attack has a 5% chance of stunning the opponent.
  • Engineer
Effect: Crafting no longer requires Rank 1 mechanical stations.
  • Finger Pointer
Effect: 2% chance to make NPC turn on others by talking to them.
  • I Know Who I Am
Sources of Joy accumulate 10% slower.
  • Keep the Lights On
Reduces consumption rate of powered items by 2%.
  • Long Distance Runner
Increases maximum stamina by 5%.
  • Prestidigitator
Increases area of distraction devices by 3%.
  • Scrounger
2% chance to find extra items when looting.
  • Survivor
Healing items give 10% more health and activate 20% faster.
  • You Seem Familiar Somehow
Reduces Crier suspicion by 5%.