We happy few notes1

Clive's Office: Business Letter is a note found in We Happy Few. It was written by Clive Birtwhistle.

"Dear Mr. Birtwhistle,

It is so thoughtful of you to suggest how best to rearrange the department. I am always grateful for suggestions from junior staff of how best to do my job as Director. However, I am afraid that it would be destabilizing to swap your office with that of Mr. Hastings. Fortunately, turnover in this department is high. If Pru doesn't return soon, I don't see why you couldn't have her office. In the meantime, I suggest you pop another Joy, and you'll feel the sunshine on your face, whether you have a window or not.

All the best, Victoria Byng - Director"


It can be found among several paper sheets on the door falling down as Arthur enters Clive's Office, in City Hall, at the beginning of the game.