Crier is a particular Wellie found in Wellington Wells.


Criers are old short women wearing glasses who are met along the roads of Hamlyn Village. As their name suggests, they scream to alert nearby Bobbies and Wellies, if they realize the player is a Downer. Unlike Wellies, Criers can't fight and, as an addition to screaming, they will try running away from the player.

The player can give them bouquets to cool them down.



Red Crier - Madame
  • in an early version of the game, a red variant of the crier could found inside the House of Curious Behaviors (now the Reform Club); she's the owner of the House and she also takes part of the secondary quest "Madame's Lost Key". The same Crier exists in the final version of the game, but she is no longer red. The red variant has not been seen in the final release.
  • A common glitch with the Crier in the Reform Club is that after pressing any button to reveal two Wellies shocking each other in a room blocked off by a jammed door, she will continuously scream, not stopping, even after exiting and re-entering the range of hearing. The Red Bobby in the club will not react to her cries.
  • In the launch trailer of the game, a crier attacks Arthur with a rolling pin yet they don’t attack you in the actual game.