Downer is a particular Wellie who "is not on Joy" and is also one of the 3 playable characters of We Happy Few.


The term Downer is commonly used by Wellies to indicate the person who doesn't take the Joy pill and, as the name suggests, it's in a bad mood. Because of the opposite behavior, the downer is hated and hunted by Wellies who try to get rid of it. It is possible that most people become Downers when they suffer withdrawal effects of the drug, this is evident by their strong memory of Wellington Wells' dark past returning to them and causing extreme nervousness and depression.

The Downer mustn't be confused with the Wastrel, who is immune to the effects of the Joy.

We Happy FewEdit

The game starts with the Downer Arthur Hastings, who refuses to take his Joy after reading an article about him and his lost brother Percival is the playable character in We Happy Few. There are a variety of three available for players to choose from, all with the name "Downer". Downer's only have one life per game, so learning what has to be done to survive is key. If the Downer dies or escapes Wellington Wells, the game ends and the player will start over with a freshly generated town. The gameplay will change however basic mechanics will not. Winning the game requires getting good at stealth, conformity and combat, while learning what you can and can’t get away with.

In We Happy Few, your main minute-to-minute need is to avoid suspicion. The Wellies really hate Downers, and are very touchy if they think you might be one. But, if you don’t draw too much suspicion, they’ll just wish you a “Lovely day for it!”, and go about their day. Do as the Wellies do, and you should be fine. However, if you act like a naughty Downer and, say, break into a house in front of them, they’ll desperately want to make sure you take your Joy, with extreme violence if necessary, and all their friends will help them.