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Hamlyn Village is one of the five districts of Wellington Wells, where middle-class Wellies live. It has less security than the higher villages were the upper class wellies live. Each NPC house is a multi level home with supplies and security traps such as Joy detection. Each home also contains a "security" switch similar to american style fire alarms that alert Bobbies.

Wellies in Hamlyn frequent a couple different phrases and all take on a positive attitude due to Joy. They can often be seen jumping in puddles, playing patty-cake, and greeting one another. Bobbies patrol the streets and guard certain zones for non-public access. Hamlyn has a variety of locations such as stores and gardens the provide food.

Trivia Edit

Most houses have a front and back door with two levels and at least two occupants.

Entering a Wellies house will cause them to become hostile after an initial shock or warning from the NPC.

Some glitches, or perhaps intended functions, keep Bobbies from entering homes when the door is closed on them.