Joy Doctors are antagonists in We Happy Few. They work primarily for Anton Verloc.

Description Edit

Joy Doctors are tall, mustached men in trench coats with a flower in one of their pockets, and have a dark hat with a green band on their heads. In addition to this, they have yellow boots and spectacles as well as black gloves. Some have been seen wearing gas masks. Some Doctors can be seen wearing red, blue, yellow or pink hats as well.

Gameplay Edit

Joy Doctors are able to detect if someone is off their Joy, and will then attempt to force-feed them Joy. Sometimes they will simply try to kill them instead. They are encountered at the very beginning of the game and late into it.


  • In the Alpha version, after the player gives the blending suit to Johnny in Johnny Bolton, Special Agent! quest, the loony tells him to use it to enter the secret laboratory to stop Doctor Verloc and his evil plans.