Motilene is the main source of power in We Happy Few and is located in various places in Wellington Wells.

Motilene is a liquid bright neon purple in colour and emits a lethal, dark purple gas which will knock out then kill whoever dares to go near a leak. It is harvested from Motilene crystals.

Motilene powers all houses and businesses in the Hamlyn Village. The Garden District’s supply was however, cut off a long time ago. Some places still have power, although there is a limited supply.

Motilene can be harvested and used to fill empty Power Cells after obtaining a Motilene Harvester and finding a leak. The Harvester is given to players during the quest The Faraday Cage.


  • Energy cells are used to make all powered/Electric weapons in the game.
  • Motilene was discovered by Dr. Faraday as a substitute for petrol.
  • The Looks Like Rain quest is initiated by talking to the old woman dancing in a puddle of Motilene.