Tie a String is a note found in We Happy Few.

Transcript Edit

4 Octomber 1964

TO: Mr. Rupert Underhill, Station 4

FROM: Jim Watt, Chief Engineer

Dear Rupert

Are you quite certain Teddy's off his Joy? Perharps he merely forgot. You've got to look after your mates, man. Have you tried tying a string around his finger? That always helps me.

Anyway, I can't reassign Teddy because I haven't got a replacement. All the juniors are off at Scargill. The subsidence has been severing all sorts of connections, and The Motilene Must Flow.

I really appreciate your sticking by your post. If we don't do our duty, who are we?

But try the string around the finger. I feel certain you will manage the situation.

All my best,


Location Edit

It can be found on the crafting station, in Wellington Underground, at the beginning of the game.