We Happy Few Official Soundtrack is the official compilation of music and songs composed and performed for We Happy Few by various artists.

It was released partly on vinyl in the Time Capsule collector box, with seven out of the eight songs by the Make Believes and four music tracks. A digital edition containing the complete soundtrack with the exception of the cinematic tracks and the eight song was released on the Gearbox Store on August 1st, 2018. This edition also contains ringtones based on voice lines and SFX, a lyric sheet for The Make Believes songs and wallpapers.[1][2] The Make Believes song "I wanna Stay the Same" is free to download on the game's official website.[3] The songs by The Make Believes were also released on digital music store such as Deezer, Spotify, iTunes or Google Store.[4]


The seven 60s timely songs by the Wellington Wells band The Make Believes were created and performed by four musicians from Montreal:

  • Murray A. Lightburn - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass (The Dears)
  • Brad Barr - Lead Vocals, Guitar (The Barr Brothers)
  • Andrew Barr - Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals (The Barr Brothers)
  • Patrick Watson - Lead Vocals, Keyboards

The gameplay and atmospheric score was composed by Nicolas Marquis and the cinematic music by Jon Licht.[1]

Track ListEdit

Free DownloadEdit

  1. I Wanna Stay the Same - The Make Believes

Time Box EditionEdit

Side A
  1. When You're Gone - The Make Believes
  2. Out of the Blue - The Make Believes
  3. Brassed Off
  4. La La La - The Make Believes
  5. Sunny Day (Broadcast Intermission 2)
Side B
  1. Zombieland - The Make Believes
  2. Georgie Joy - The Make Believes
  3. Dead Chuffed (Broadcast Intermission 1)
  4. Dead of Winter - The Make Believes
  5. Joy and a Happy Face
  6. Smiling Crime - The Make Believes

Digital EditionEdit

  1. Dead of Winter - The Make Believes
  2. Out of the Blue - The Make Believes
  3. LaLaLa - The Make Believes
  4. Smiling Crimes - The Make Believes
  5. Zombieland - The Make Believes
  6. When You're Gone - The Make Believes
  7. Georgie Joy - The Make Believes
  8. Wellington Wells Broadcast Corporation
  9. Dead Chuffed
  10. House of Curious Behaviours
  11. Lovely Day For It
  12. Suspect on the Loose
  13. Parade District
  14. The Garden District
  15. Hamlyn, A Seaside Town
  16. Brassed Off
  17. Dead Chuffed - Dazed and Confused
  18. Everything Will Be as Right as Rain
  19. Joy and a Happy Face
  20. On Cloud Nine
  21. Enlightenment is Found in Mushrooms
  22. Angry Mushrooms
  23. Wellington Wells Anthem
  24. Military Camp
  25. Jubilator Music
  26. The Bobby Song
  27. The Church of Simon Says
  28. Notes of Distraction
  29. Lift to the Executive Committee
  30. Suspicious at the Jumble Sale
  31. The Plague Shelter
  32. Are They Sleeping
  33. Overdose and Crash
  34. Last Legs
  35. Victoria's Abdelazer
  36. Welcome to Wellington Wells
  37. Sunny Day
  38. Garden District Reprise
  39. Joy and a Happy Face Reprise
  40. Who's Up for Simon Says?
  41. A Seaside Town Reprise
  42. Train Station
  43. The Ratholm Fog
  44. Sunny Day - Down and Out
  45. Department of Science
  46. Ollie's Defense
  47. Fighting for Joy
  48. Arthur's Escape

Additional Licensed MusicEdit

  1. For Months and Months and Months - Jack Norworth


Some of the songs by The Make Believes have different titles on online music stores:

  • Smiling Crime -> Not a Crime to Smile
  • Zombieland -> Cheer Up
  • Out of the Blue -> You'll Never Change My Mind
  • Georgie Joy -> Joy Time


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