The Wellington Underground was the expansive underground subway system which connected all of the holms of Wellington Wells. At some point the underground fell into ruin. The stations were then turned into Motilene harvesters.

The former stations turned Motilene harvesters are now safe houses for the player characters. The Rail Lines are now used for fast travel between the Harvesters. The subway also has its own system of pneumatic stashes. Every holm has a station except for Inis Holm and the Parade District.


  • Some of the Stations have items and unique enemies in the fast travel tunnels despite the fact the player cannot access the tunnels without no clipping to get to them.
  • Two notable things are a piece of rotten meat in the Lud's Holm station and a rat in the St. George’s station which is classified as an enemy and will instantly kill the player when attacked even if invulnerability is activated.
  • The Station in the first holm is the only station with its own unique skybox.
  • In all of the stations apart from the Garden District one, the checkered floor expands past the walls to form a perfect square.