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Wellington Wells is a city in the southwest of England and the setting of We Happy Few. It is unclear where the islands are located in England but this might be revealed in the future. But judging by the old road signs in the Garden District, such as Victoria Bridge which is in Worcestershire but can say Upper Bristol road which is Bath. But these are most likely there as just decoration.the city is based on a man called John Wellington Wells the city is set in a futuristic 1960's England.


Wellington Wells is a city haunted by the ghosts of its recent past. In 1933, this world deviated from our own, and the Germans successfully invaded and occupied England during World War II. Most of England is rubble, as is a fair part of Wellington Wells.

However, during the Occupation, the Wellies all had to do A Very Bad Thing, which was to give all children thirteen and under to the Germans (and all were unknowingly later killed). To calm their anguish and guilt - and forget what they’d done - the Wellies invented Joy, the miracle happiness drug, but had serious side effects including hallucinations, memory loss (the goal of the drug), and dehydration.

They set about rebuilding their town, and along the way, got in serious technological research and development.

The motto of the city is "In Posterum Cum Gaudio" which translates roughly from Latin as "Hence With Joy", which could be taken temporally.


Garden DistrictEdit

The Garden District was the rural part of Wellington Wells, nearing the Victory gardens. The place suffered heavy bombing and was left in ruins while the rest of the city redeveloped itself. Now overgrown and run-down, the Garden District is used to cast away the Wastrels, the inhabitants who react badly to Joy. Those survivors took over whichever houses were still standing and installed traps to defend themselves.

The Garden District is separated into four islands: the unnamed first island, Lud's Holm shut off by a makeshift toll gate, Raven Holm placed under quarantine and Apple Holm heavily protected with security devices.

Hamlyn VillageEdit

Hamlyn Village is one of the "sane" districts of Wellington Wells. This is where the middle-class Wellies live, protected by Bobbies and security systems. Hamlyn Village is located on St. George's Holm.


Maidenholm is the second island visited by Arthur after Hamlyn Village. It Can Be Accessed by either St. George's Holm or Luds Holm. It is much more dangerous than Hamlyn Village as there are peepers that patrol the island, and if you're not on joy they will sound an alarm and electrocute you. The St. Genesis Church is found here. There is a pub and Doctor Faraday's lab is located on the island. You can access Cerne Holm on this island. Note that many quests that were on Hamlyn Village have been moved here.

Inis HolmEdit

Inis Holm is located next to Maidenholm. Nick Lightbearer's Pad is located here as is the Thomasia House. The island has a chemist and a Downer-free park.

Parade DistrictEdit

The Parade District is the next area visited by Arthur after Hamlyn Village and is where the wealthy Wellies live. The bridge to the mainland is connected to the Parade District.

Trivia Edit

  • As noted by Ollie, Wellington Wells appears to suffer from a food shortage, as evidence by the skinny residences, the rotten food and the fact Uncle Jack is trying to convince people sawdust can replace bread.




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